Honors & Awards

2015 - Richtech Awards Finalist-Technology Builder Award

2012 - Virginia Business Magazine recognizes MedVirginia as one of 5 companies who are "Health Care Innovators"

2012 - MedVirginia receives the "Virginia HealthCare Innovators Award:  Health Information Technology Award"

2011 - MedVirginia is one of 5 "HIE's to watch" by CMIO magazine

2011 - NeHC names MedVirginia as one of 12 "HIE Leaders"

2010 - MedVirginia receives the "RichTech Technology Innovation Award"

2010 - MedVirginia is a "Technology Stars" awards finalist

2010 - MedVirginia is the first HIE to connect to the VA and DoD health records systems

2010- Centra is the first new community to be part of the SSA expansion through MedVirginia

2009 - MedVirginia is the first HIE to connect to SSA

2009-  MedVirginia is the author and first signatory to DURSA

2009- MedVirginia is the first HIE in production on eHealth Exchange (formerly NwHIN)

2009- MedVirginia is a "Techology Stars" award finalist